Java Development in Kenya

Java Developers in Nairobi, Kenya

With years of experience in Java development outsourcing in Kenya, Trulance Communications delivers secure, scalable, and cost-efficient software products built with Java. We have strong expertise and ample talent pool to both build your Java-based solution from scratch and scale up your existing team with our dedicated Java developers.

Explore our Java development expertise

A wide array of companies choose Java for IT outsourcing thanks to its great flexibility, a vibrant Java development community, and a large selection of easily available components and libraries. Our development centers in Nairobi, Kenya have a proven track record of providing Java outsourcing services globally and working in distributed teams.

TruComm Java developers have built varied solutions, ranging from content management platforms to blockchain-powered systems. We engineer highly scalable, portable, and secure enterprise systems, platform-agnostic web applications, IoT systems, cloud-enabled software, and more. Also, our teams provide all-around maintenance, upgrading, enhancement of the existing Java-based solutions, and cross-technology migration.

We provide Java outsourcing services to large enterprises and well-funded startups across a variety of industries, including fintech, healthcare, manufacturing, telecom, e-commerce, and many more.
  • Enterprise software development
  • Web app development
  • Desktop application development
  • Mobile app development
  • Cloud software development
  • Microservices architecture
  • IoT development
  • Big Data systems development


Platform Agnostic

Java is one of the most suitable programming languages for developing cross-platform applications. Java-based applications can run on all major OSs, browsers, mobile, desktop, and embedded devices.


Java-powered products can perform various multiple tasks at the same time without overweighting your application. Our Java developers find this feature especially useful for writing large web, gaming, animation-heavy solutions, as well as for real time trading platforms.

Short time-to-market

Thanks to a well-developed Java ecosystem and a well-designed intuitive set of APIs, TruComm Java developers can write code faster, with fewer bugs, thus enabling optimal time-to-market periods.


Java development makes it easy for enterprises to scale up. The technology offers a wide variety of components available from multiple vendors which are vital for building scalable solutions.


spring framework

spring framework

Spring is a lightweight framework with simple yet rich components and configurations. Our Java developers have utilized this modular framework to develop a wide range of enterprise-level Java applications.

java standard edition

java standard edition

Our offshore Java software development teams utilize Java Platform (Standard Edition) to develop robust enterprise-oriented desktop and web applications.
java enterprise edition

java enterprise edition

Using standardized, reusable modular components of Java EE (Enterprise Edition), TruComm java developers build large scale, distributed systems; server-side applications for IoT devices, RESTful web services, web-based solutions, and many more.

spark framework

spark framework

Spark Framework is a micro framework for web apps and REST APIs. Java Java software developers mainly use it for productive web development and building loosely coupled  microservices that interact through well-defined (REST) APIs.